About us

Vibratto School of Music is an ecelectic music academy in Naraina Vihar, West Dehi. Started by Sahil Miglani, Vibratto School of Music encourages its students to grasp the ropes of music in a progressive and liberal manner, allowing them to explore, discover and master the art of music at their own pace . Every student is encouraged to find their own form of art and perfect their skills under the guidance and leadership of highly trained and qualified faculty members. At Vibratto, the aim is to inspire our students to hone their skills and talents but also to grow and develop their personalities on an all round basis. Even at a young phase, Vibratto is being approved as one of the best music academy in New Delhi for its refreshing and progessive teaching methodologies.

Why Choose Us

While we acknowledge the fact that music requires lifetime discipline and dedication, there are times when these sessions become strenuous and monotonous.
At Vibratto, our faculty ensures that the students gain their knowlege through different stimulating and interesting sessions. Our aim is to get their creative juices flowing whether its through a activity or a learning session.

What's Unique

Our teaching methodologies are the USP of our academy.The faculty at Vibratto believes in the fact that our creativity awakens when we enjoy learning.
Hence making it their motto, our teachers design and conduct their sessions in a way that our budding talent soaks in their craft in a fun and enlightening way.
Let's just say there is never a dull moment at Vibratto School of Music.
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